I'm a retired (see the smiling face) aviation attorney with a lifelong interest in photography.  But it was only when I retired that the opportunities & time presented themselves to really begin to explore it as a serious hobbyist photographer.  I've adapted to the digital age even though almost all of my prior experiences in capturing images involved film cameras, starting with the ubiquitous Brownie Hawkeye as a young boy, then moving into the realm of rangefinder types of cameras during my years in school, the air force & finally my profession.  The latter unfortunately left little time to try to be a serious photographer, & I opted to spend most of my free time away from the office sailing & powerboating . . . a form of hydrotherapy - always  though with a film camera to record raising our son & enjoying life with my wife, who I met in high school.
Most of what I do & the images that I try to capture are taken primarily for me, & reflect my interests.  I no longer have clients that I need to satisfy or who make demands.  The gallery categories in my website reflect what interests me most in the world around us.  The equipment that I now use has evolved from very standard (i.e., Nikon or Canon) types of DSLR cameras, back to my origins in using rangefinder types of mirrorless camera systems.  I explored the world of Leica a bit on my limited budget, but finally made the decision to shoot with the Fuji X system of cameras & lenses.  I've owned most of these Fuji X cameras, but have made the decision solely to work with their excellent X-Pro2, with its combined optical & electronic viewfinder system.  But I fully appreciate & understand what Ansel Adams had to say about the types of photographic equipment that we use, which is that the most important part of it is in the 12 inches behind the camera. 
Oh, and I apologize for the gratuitous inclusion, as the final image in the gallery entitled "Other Stuff", a photo of my only grand child, now seven years of age.  She is just about the only portrait subject matter that I might put in my portfolio, so why not!
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